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The Background:
According to the book Blood Feud, Bill Clinton was overhead talking about President Obama to Chelsea during a private event prior to the 2014 election season about the 2016 election.

The Quote:
Bill Clinton Recently, Ive been hearing a different scenario from state committeemen. They say hes looking for a candidate whos just like him. Someone relatively unknown. Someone with a fresh face. Hes convinced himself hes been a brilliant president, and wants to clone himself to find his Mini-Me. Hes hunting for someone to succeed him, and he believes the American people dont want to vote for someone whos been around for a long time. He thinks that your mother and I are what he calls so 20th century. Hes looking for another Barack Obama.

The Who & When:
  • Bill Clinton, Unknown Date

  • The Source:
  • New York Post

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