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The Background:
When asked by interviewer Jan Helfeld to follow up on his claim that taxation was voluntary, Harry Reid suggested the United States was unique in that it didn't require employers to take taxes out of workers' paychecks.

The Quote:
Harry Reid We have a voluntary system. The fact of the matter is, if, when you pay your taxes...you see in many other countries it's not voluntary. In many countries, the government makes sure your employer takes out every penny. Many countries don't file income tax returns. Why? [We have withholding here too, don't we?] Pardon me. [Withholding?] With some programs, yes. But I'm talking about in some countries, European countries as an example, you don't file an income tax return. There is no need to because your employer takes all the money out. That's the difference between a voluntary and involuntary system.

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  • Harry Reid, Unknown Date

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