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The Background:
After claiming to be a 'South Side Kid,' President Obama was asked who was one of his favorite White Sox players growing up. He then proceeded to stumble, avoid the question, mispronounce the name of the White Sox stadium, and make fun of Cubs fans.

The Quote:
Barack Obama You know, uh, I I thought that uh, you know, the truth is that a lot of the Cubs I like too, uh, but uh, I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago. Because, I uh, you know, I was I was growing up uh in Hawaii, and so I actually ended up actually being uh an Oakland A's fan. But when I moved to Chicago, I was living close to what was then Cominsky Park and went to a couple of games and just fell in love and the nice thing about the Sox is it's real blue collar baseball. You know, we always tease about the Cubs, they, you know, they're up at Wrigley, and, sipping wine, and playing those day games, they're having a good time.

The Who & When:
  • Barack Obama, April 5, 2010

  • The Source:
  • NewsBusters

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