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David Campbell
David Campbell
A Democrat state rep from Nashua, New Hampshire, David Campbell made a name for himself by mowing down ducks, then allegedly blaming the ducks for their death.
David Campbell Quotes
A week after mowing down a group of ducks at a hotel, New Hampshire State Rep David Campbell issued an apology after being caught.
“I am deeply sorry that I accidentally ran over several wild ducks near the Crowne Plaza last Monday night.”
David Campbell, December 30, 2013

Despite his words at the scene of his vehicular duck hunt, New Hampshire State Rep David Campbell later claimed to have been deeply upset.
“This occurred while some people were feeding the ducks in the roadway nearby. I know it greatly upset them, as it did me. In spite of the accusations to the contrary, this was accidental, unintentional and deeply affected me then and now.”
David Campbell, December 30, 2013

According to retired U.S. Marine officer James Murphy, New Hampshire State Rep David Campbell plowed his BMW through a group of ducks being fed near a hotel, then blamed the ducks.
“The ducks should have moved.”
David Campbell, December 23, 2013

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