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Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer
Certified moonbat Senator from California.
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Barbara Boxer Quotes
Speaking at a press conference with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Sen. Barbara Boxer claimed the Keystone XL oil pipeline would cause cancer and heart disease.
“I do believe the public health impacts are something that average people can really relate to because they know cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country — heart disease is number one — and all of this filthy air contributes to both of those.”
Barbara Boxer, February 26, 2014

Speaking about the government shutdown and potential default, Senator Boxer compared the GOP to domestic abusers.
“But I have to say, when you start acting like you're committing domestic abuse, you've got a problem. 'I love you dear, but you know, I'm shutting down your entire government. I love you dear, but I'm going to default, and you're going to be weak.'”
Barbara Boxer, October 14, 2013 Audio and/or video clip available

Senator Barbara Boxer falsely claimed in a press release that, under Obamacare, Americans could keep their insurance if they liked it.
“So we want people to be able to keep the health care they have. And the answer to that is choice of plans. And in the exchange, we're going to have lots of different plans, and people will be able to keep the health care coverage they need and they want.”
Barbara Boxer, February 8, 2011

According to Politico, then-Congresswoman Barbara Boxer had quite a gaffe following the San Francisco earthquake of 1989.
“Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, ‘Thank God, I’m still alive.’ But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again.”
Barbara Boxer, 1989

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