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Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Elected to Congress at the age of 29, Patrick Murphy's major accomplishment prior to serving in elective office was getting arrested for disorderly intoxication.
Patrick Murphy Quotes
Future Congressman Patrick Murphy downplayed his arrest for fighting, underaged drinking, showing police a fake ID, and refusing to back down from a police officer.
I was a teenager and I got in trouble with a fake ID and I was under-age drinking and, look, biggest learning experience of my life, never had a run-in with the police since. Im sorry it ever happened.
Patrick Murphy, June 2012

After getting kicked out of a night club for fighting, showing a police officer a fake ID, and then acting in a threatening fashion, future Congressman Patrick Murphy refused to calm down, resulting in his arrest.
F*ck you.
Patrick Murphy, February 16, 2003

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